Модули расширения c.pCOe

Модули расширения c.pCOe

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Модуль расширения c.pCOe P+E0000000000 Basic   Модуль расширения c.pCOe P+E000000D000 Enhanced  

Все «Контроллеры CAREL»

  • 4 DIN mounting version
  • 10 universal inputs/outputs
  • 6 Relay Outputs
  • Integrated RS485 port
  • Embedded Unipolar EXV (Enhanced model)
  • Ultracap module management (Enhanced model)

Общие характеристики

c.pCOe is the new I/O expansion board with CAREL proprietary IO chip that ensures high configurability of the channels as input (support of NTC, PTC, PT1000, voltage and current probes, digital inputs) and as outputs (0-10V, PWM).

c.pCOe board is proposed in two versions:

  1. basic version, featuring a total of 16 I/Os, 10 of which universal inputs on I/O chip, 6 of which output relays.
  2. enhanced version, same IO as basic version plus an integrated driver for unipolar expansion valve.

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